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Welcome to The Enthusiastic Buddhist a place where you can find easy-to-implement teachings of the Buddha and inspirational tools to become more consistent in your meditation practice.

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Who Am I

Hi! I’m Mindah-Lee Kumar (but you can call me Mindah). I’m passionate about making the Buddha’s teachings easy to understand so you can apply it to your life and quickly experience its great benefits.

I’ve been practicing Buddhism for over sixteen years. In that time, I was ordained as a Buddhist nun for three years and I spent a total of three years in solitary meditation retreats.

Although the Buddha’s teachings are vast and extensive, I believe the teachings don’t need be complicated and that you can get results without spending years studying.

As long as you understand the essence of the teachings and how to easily implement them, you can live a more Buddha-full life with more kindness, compassion, peace, happiness and wisdom starting today!

I hope you’ll join me in exploring this great treasure of the Buddha’s teachings, which brings peace & clarity to the mind, and joy & compassion to one’s heart.

Mindah-Lee Kumar

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