Buddhism and Disability: Why Compassion is the Only Appropriate Response

What is the Buddhist view of people with a disability? The answer will depend on who you talk to. Unfortunately many people misunderstand suffering as being a kind of punishment for one’s previous bad karma. Then, whenever we have the notion of punishment, it may seem justified for us to look down on others as being ‘bad’. But all these ideas are based on judgments, which highlights a common misunderstanding about karma.

This video discusses this issue of karma and disability and how the correct response can only ever be compassion.

15 of the Best Meditation Techniques in Buddhism (for Beginners & Advanced)

15 of the Best Meditation Techniques in Buddhism
Buddhism offers a smorgasbord of different meditation techniques we can practice to achieve everything we could possibly wish for: from developing peace, eliminating our anger, cultivating compassion, to meditations that will bring us to ultimate, ever-lasting happiness and wisdom (also known as achieving Enlightenment in Buddhism).

Below I’ve listed the most common meditation techniques that can be found across a variety of different Buddhist schools and traditions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it can be used as a framework to help you understand how these different meditations can be used, and may assist you in choosing which ones you might like to try and explore further.

Pilgrimage News: We’ve Changed Our Pilgrimage & Pricing Structure

buddhist pilgrimage india nepal
Hi everyone, recently someone asked whether it was possible to attend only the first 13 days of our pilgrimage (without adding the caves to the itinerary) as they were planning to return to Bodhgaya after our trip to spend more time there. After I had a look at the flights and accommodation costs involved in traveling to the caves, I realized we could make our pilgrimage quite a lot cheaper for people who only want to do the main Buddhist sector and see the four holy sites associated with the Buddha’s life.

Members’ Site News Update and Invitation to Ask Questions‏

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this video with you which gives you an update of how things are progressing with the development of my Members’ Site. Although things are moving slower than I’d hoped, I’m still excited to see things taking shape and can’t wait for the day I finally launch the site. Meanwhile, please post any questions you have and I look forward to hearing and answering your questions.

Best wishes (and much metta!)


Sacred Sites & Friendship: Blessings of our 2015 Buddhist Pilgrimage

74 kelly

Pilgrims at Ellora Caves on our 2015 pilgrimage. From left: Kelly, Anthony, Parmjeet, Ulrich, Dave and Mindah

Last year in October I had the privilege of taking five eager travelers from across the globe on pilgrimage to India and Nepal. I traveled with Dave from the UK, Anthony from Australia, and Kelly, Parmjeet and Ulrich from the US. Interestingly, we certainly had the medical field covered with Kelly being a licensed nurse and Ulrich a cardiologist! It was a wonderful trip and my fifth time going on a Buddhist pilgrimage. Going on pilgrimage, in general, is an extraordinary journey, but to take people along with me last year, was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


Members’ Site Update – Jan/2016

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Hi everyone, Happy New Year! This is a quick post to let you all know that the Members’ Site is still in progress and my developers and I are working as fast as we can to get the site up and running.

In the last few weeks, I had some volunteers test the basic functionality of the site and fortunately most of it is working well. The problems the developers are trying to fix for me now mostly revolve around the PayPal payment integration. They will hopefully have something for me to test in February (once they’re back from holidays) and then in March or April I should know whether it’s all working fine and ready to launch.