How to Stop the Struggle and Find Peace in Your Daily Life

In today’s video I share some practical wisdom I learned from the Buddhist teacher, Ajahn Brahm, which has helped me numerous times in my life when I have had to go through difficult or challenging situations. I mean, let’s face it, our lives are full of constant challenges; we are always having to do things that we don’t enjoy. Whether it’s going to a job we’re not passionate about, or anything that brings up a lot of resistance in our mind.

So in this video I share with you this wonderful wisdom that we can apply to our life to help us find some peace and happiness, even when our days are filled with seemingly unpleasant experiences.

Pilgrimage News: We Added the Taj Mahal!

Okay, so it’s not a Buddhist pilgrimage site, we realize that. 😀 But when someone asked us if we could add on a visit to see the Taj Mahal, we said “Sure! Why not!”

So next year on top of visiting many blessed pilgrimage sites, we are also adding an optional 1-day tour to see the Taj Mahal at the end of our trip as well.

Our pilgrimage runs from 5th January to 22nd January 2018. We’d love for you to join us!

You can find out all the details about cost and registration for our trip here.


5 Funny Buddhist Suttas That Have a Great Message

You wouldn’t expect the Buddha’s teachings to include anything funny would you? I mean we’re talking about the serious business of purifying our mind and becoming enlightened. But occasionally I’ve come across some Buddhist suttas that have surprised me and made me chuckle. In this video, I share with you five suttas from the Pali Canon that I’ve found amusing and also have a great message.

Next Buddhist Pilgrimage Dates Announced!

Hi everyone! I hope your 2017 has started off well! It’s incredible how quick this year has gone by already.

We’re excited to announce the dates for our next Buddhist pilgrimage to Nepal and India!

We’ll be running our next trip from Friday, 5th January to Sunday, 21st January, 2018.

If you wish, you can join us for the full 17-day pilgrimage tour which includes the four holy sites of the Buddha’s life, as well as, the incredible Ajanta and Ellora caves! Or you can attend the first 13 days which includes the traditional Buddhist pilgrimage route. Both journeys will start in Kathmandu and end in Delhi.

How to Practice the Buddhist Path While Living in Samsara

As we incorporate the Buddha’s teachings into our lives many wonderful changes will start to happen: from experiencing greater calmness and peace in our mind, to feeling a greater connection and love for other beings.

But not all changes bring such a smooth transition. For instance, when we adopt Buddhist values of refraining from alcohol, or we find ourselves losing interest in other mundane activities, this can put a strain on certain social interactions. This video is in response to some questions I received about how to navigate these kinds of challenges.

Do I Need to Be a Monk or Nun to Become Enlightened?

In Buddhism, the goal of the Buddhist path is to reach enlightenment, a state free of mental suffering and characterized by bliss, peace and happiness. But what if enlightenment was only possible if you were willing to become a monk or nun? This would mean only a small minority of Buddhists could ever find happiness, since the vast majority of Buddhists are lay practitioners.

In this video, I explore whether lay people can become enlightened, and if so, what are some of the steps we need to do to ensure that we achieve it.