No Time To Lose

Our life is like a burning candle. The flame illuminates our surroundings which illustrates the energy, excitement and joy of living. But while there is light, there is also a shadow being cast. This shadow that we cannot avoid is the certainty that one day we must die. If we can keep death as a friendly reminder, as opposed to a morbid one; we will surely make each moment count. Practicing mindfulness is the only way to extract the richness of life from all the supposedly mundane activities of our lives. We have to pay attention to every aspect of our lives, otherwise our attention is incomplete. Relax in the now, breathe in and feel alive, drop your worries and concerns, feel gratitude for the preciousness of this moment which will never come again.

This brief (2 min 45 sec) video is an apt reminder of how important it is to bring mindfulness into every aspect of our lives so we can feel alive and happy all the time, not just on the weekend or when we’re on holidays.


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