Pilgrimage News: We’ve Changed Our Pilgrimage & Pricing Structure

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Hi everyone, recently someone asked whether it was possible to attend only the first 13 days of our pilgrimage (without adding the caves to the itinerary) as they were planning to return to Bodhgaya after our trip to spend more time there. After I had a look at the flights and accommodation costs involved in traveling to the caves, I realized we could make our pilgrimage quite a lot cheaper for people who only want to do the main Buddhist sector and see the four holy sites associated with the Buddha’s life.

So with the hope of making our pilgrimage affordable to even more people, we’ve decided to restructure it to be a 13-day pilgrimage with an optional 4-day extension to see the amazing Ellora and Ajanta caves. We hope that the reduction in costs and reduced traveling time might make our pilgrimage easier for people to attend.

In the beginning, knowing first-hand the wonder of the caves, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to include it in our itinerary. But my heart’s wish has always been to try and take people to the four holy places associated with the Buddha’s life as a priority, and any other places we visit are simply a bonus.

So although we might not be able to run the caves extension all the time, hopefully we will be able to take more people to experience the blessings of the places where the Buddha walked, taught and meditated in. It truly is a life changing experience and I’m already looking forward to meditating again in these blessed grounds.

All the details for our new pricing structure can be found on our website.

Best wishes,


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