Pilgrimage Registration Now Open

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If you would like to come on pilgrimage to India and Nepal at the end of the year to see the holy sites associated with the Buddha’s life, now is the time to book. As an incentive to book early, the first six participants to pay their fully-refundable joining fee will receive a saving of $250 USD on the total cost of the trip!

We’ve created a new website for the pilgrimages which will hopefully make navigation and finding the information you need a lot easier. You can find everything you need to know at www.enthusiasticbuddhistpilgrimages.com.

The above photo is of the Ajanta Caves, one of the places we will be visiting on the pilgrimage. This is one of 29 caves meticulously carved out to be used as prayer halls and monasteries for Buddhist monks in India.

I’m really excited about this trip and I’m almost packing my bags in anticipation. One can never spend enough time in a place like Bodhgaya, where the Buddha attained Enlightenment. I hope to see a few of you on this year’s pilgrimage!


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