Letting Go & Developing Unconditional Love with Mindfulness

Learning to let go is something we need to do often during our lifetime. Sometimes we let go by choice and other times we are forced into letting things go. You could say mindfulness practice belongs to both categories: by choosing to practice mindfulness we are forced to let go of the past. Mindfulness is a practice that gives complete attention to the here and now, without entertaining thoughts about the past and the future. Mindfulness is an invaluable tool for helping us to let go of the past, be it our stories about ourselves or others. In this video I explore the personal freedom and happiness we can gain from letting go of our past stories. We don’t need to be a prisoner of our past mistakes or painful memories anymore. And I discuss how mindfulness and letting go of our past stories about others can improve our relationship with them and allow us to generate an unconditional love towards them; a love that isn’t based on past experience and expectations.

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Sutta used in this video:

“Tanhavagga: Craving” (Dhp XXIV), translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Access to Insight, 1 December 2012, http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/kn/dhp/dhp.24.than.html.


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