Buddhist reincarnation

What Happens After Death, Buddhism Reincarnation, Our True Nature & Enlightenment (No Self Part 2)

The Buddha talked about a continuum of consciousness, so was he talking about souls? It’s a common misconception that Buddhism teaches about reincarnation, when it is actually teaching about rebirth. In this video I explain the Buddha’s position on the soul theory as well as the difference between rebirth and reincarnation. Within the Buddhist teachings there are several analogies to explain how consciousness continues moment to moment and what happens after death. I draw on these analogies to illustrate just how this continuity takes place and how consciousness is affected after death.

Also, being the inquisitive creatures that we are, it’s not surprising that we ask, ‘well, what am I, what is my true nature and what will I be if I’m enlightened?’ In this video, I explore the main reason why the Buddha didn’t specify our ‘true nature’ and I share some sutras where the Buddha does describe the beauty and freedom experienced by one who is enlightened.


Reincarnation, Rebirth, Life After Life & Past Life Evidence

Life after life, reincarnation and rebirth are fascinating concepts. In Buddhism, life after death is a readily accepted concept, but is it really true? How do we know if we have had multiple lives? In this episode: I share a personal account of a family member who had what appears to be a past life recollection, I explore some of the scientific studies of Dr Jim Tucker where children have remembered their past lives, I introduce some of the surprising results of past life regression therapy by Dr Brian Weiss, I consider how near-death experiences may support the concept of multiple lives, and lastly, I explain how the Buddha discovered the important connection between karma and rebirth and how that impacts on a Buddhist’s life today.

Rebirth is an interesting topic and there are many people who believe in it. Before coming to Buddhism I was on the side of being neither a believer nor a non-believer. I was looking for more proof that it was a possibility. The books I mention in this video really helped me to open my eyes to the possibility of rebirth: