finding peace

How to Stop the Struggle and Find Peace in Your Daily Life

In today’s video I share some practical wisdom I learned from the Buddhist teacher, Ajahn Brahm, which has helped me numerous times in my life when I have had to go through difficult or challenging situations. I mean, let’s face it, our lives are full of constant challenges; we are always having to do things that we don’t enjoy. Whether it’s going to a job we’re not passionate about, or anything that brings up a lot of resistance in our mind.

So in this video I share with you this wonderful wisdom that we can apply to our life to help us find some peace and happiness, even when our days are filled with seemingly unpleasant experiences.

Letting Go In The Moment

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Every moment we choose to let go of our fears and expectations, it gives us the ability to simply see ‘what is’. There is no moment that is more important than the present one. And it is when our minds are open without judgment and expectation that we see the peace that naturally resides within us. When we can tap into that depth of being, over and over again, every situation becomes a dance to see how much more we can allow ourselves to let go.

Complete Peace

The Enthusiastic Buddhist - Complete Peace

When I was a teenager I used to be very afraid of disappointment. So whenever I went into a situation where there was a chance of potentially gaining something good from it (e.g. a prize, some attention, just having a good time), I would say to myself, ‘Expect the worst’. Although I never really took this advice too seriously, I found that by simply thinking this, it helped me to drop all my fears rather than reinforce them. By ‘expecting the worst’ it naturally helped me to drop all the cravings, hopes and expectations that I had in my mind. And far from making the experience miserable or boring, what happened was that I began practicing mindfulness instead. So whatever was happening I simply enjoyed it without needing it to be better or different from what the actual experience was.