Calm Abiding Guided Meditation – Body as the Meditation Object

In this video I will lead you through a guided meditation on the practice of Calm Abiding meditation. In this practice we use our body as our object of meditation. We shouldn’t be in a rush to meditate on our breath. Instead, meditating on our bodies can help us gain more stability before we move onto meditating on our breath.

This meditation requires previous knowledge on how to correctly position our bodies for this meditation. You can watch my video on Correct Meditation Posture & Motivation here, and watch the video on the detailed instructions for this meditation here.

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Calm Abiding Meditation Instructions – Body as the Meditation Object

Practising meditation is the best gift we can give ourselves (and those around us). In this video I give detailed instructions on how to practice Calm Abiding meditation using our bodies as our object of meditation. This is a very good grounding meditation that helps us gain more stability before we move onto meditating on our breath.

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Correct Meditation Posture and Motivation

When our bodies are correctly positioned in meditation, the practice of meditation is much more enjoyable and rewarding: we concentrate more easily, more deeply and it helps us avoid the common obstacles of pain, sluggishness and dullness. This video is a step-by-step guide for how to position our body in the correct meditation posture to ensure that we can get the most out of our meditation practice. It also briefly discusses the correct motivation we should try to adopt before we meditate to strengthen our resolve so that we can overcome any difficulties we encounter during the session.

Setting up a Meditation Practice

Choosing the right place and time for our practice of meditation can be just as important as the meditation practice itself. If the environmental conditions are favourable it can greatly boost our practice and we can begin to experience the fruits of our practice more quickly. This video explores some basic considerations about the time, place and other aspects that are important to ensure our meditation sessions will be a success.

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Meditation: Why We Should Do It

Meditation is not about being ‘spaced out’. Instead, it’s a skilful and easy technique for discovering a wealth of happiness and joy within us. Often meditation is taught as a form of relaxation, to calm our minds and to reduce our stress levels. These are all beneficial by-products of meditation, but according to the Buddhist teachings they shouldn’t be the endpoint of our meditation. Instead, there is another reason behind our practice of meditation.

In modern times, we are being taught by society to search for happiness in the all the wrong places. Happiness doesn’t come from finally attaining all the perfect things in worldly life, but from the discovery of who we truly are. This episode explains how meditation’s primary goal is to come to an understanding about our own true ‘selves’, to know the true nature of our own minds, and how this wisdom allows one to achieve the highest happiness possible. All the past spiritual masters have found meditation to be the fastest and most effective technique for uncovering the vast treasure of joy and happiness that lies within each of us. This video explores some of the basic but fundamental reasons we should meditate.