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Here is a list of the videos I have uploaded on YouTube so far. You can click on the picture or title to view the video.




Welcome & Introducing Myself




Meditation: Why We Should Do It




Setting up a Meditation Practice




Correct Meditation Posture and Motivation



Calm Abiding Meditation Instructions – Body as the   Meditation Object




Calm Abiding Guided Meditation – Body as the Meditation Object




Breathing Meditation for Beginners – A Great Meditation Technique




Easy Breathing Guided Meditation




Reincarnation, Rebirth, Life After Life & Past Life Evidence





About Buddha: Life of the Buddha




Tripitaka and the First Buddhist Council




4 Key Characteristics about Buddhism




Mindfulness Meditation Breathing Exercises


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Letting Go & Developing Unconditional Love with Mindfulness


Four Noble Truths



Buddhist Beliefs: The Four Noble Truths


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Buddhist Teachings: The Noble Eightfold Path


the enthusiastic buddhist metta loving kindness



Metta (Loving-Kindness): The Practice of Universal Love



Loving Kindness Meditation – Metta Bhavana


Buddhist Language - Dharma or Dhamma



Buddhist Language: Dharma or Dhamma?


My Journey Into Buddhism



My Journey Into Buddhism – YouTube Channel Trailer


enthusiastic buddhist - taming the monkey mind



Meditation Tips On Taming The Monkey Mind (Having Too Many Thoughts)


www.enthusiasticbuddhist - gratitude hangout



  An Attitude of Gratitude Hangout: Guided Meditation & Discussion


change your thinking change your life four great efforts



How to Change Your Thinking and Your Life: The Four Great Efforts


how to overcome jealousy envy quotes



Jealousy & Envy: How to Overcome the Green-Eyed Monster 


benefit of going on a buddhist pilgrimage -



The Benefits of Going on a Buddhist Pilgrimage


Right Mindfulness  -



Right Mindfulness: Practical Benefits and Its Relationship with Concentration Walking Meditation Technique



Walking Meditation: Instructions and Benefits Explained Seeking Approval



Seek Peace Instead of Seeking Approval what is karma, karma definition, karma quotes, cause and effect



What is Karma? Definition of the Law of Cause and Effect in Buddhism


Nature of Mind and Defilements



The Nature of Mind, Five Defilements & Three Poisons in Buddhism


are buddhists vegetarian



Are Buddhists Vegetarian or Vegan?


no self, selflessness, five aggregates, anatta



No Self, Selflessness (Anatta/Anatman) & the Five Aggregates 


How to Practice Buddhism in Daily Life - Mini Loving-Kindness & Compassion Exercise



How to Practice Buddhism in Daily Life: Mini Loving-Kindness & Compassion Exercise

What Happens After Death, Buddhism Reincarnation, Our True Nature & Enlightenment -



What happens After Death, Buddhism Reincarnation, Our True Nature & Enlightenment (No Self Part 2)


Four Things to Consider When Buying A Buddha Statue -



Four Things to Consider When Buying A Buddha Statue


The Enthusiastic Buddhist - cultivating jewel of our mind in buddhism



Cultivating the Jewel of our Mind


member's site blog



Member’s Site Coming Soon



More videos coming soon…




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